My love for Paris, France.

On the streets of Paris, 2003.

On the streets of Paris, 2003

Back in 2003 while I was living in Las Vegas, my childhood friend James called me from Germany where he was stationed in the Air Force, and told me that he had been taking college courses during his time there and was going to graduate in May, and that he’d love if I were to be there with him while he walks down that aisle of academic achievement. Of course, I exclaimed… I’d never been to Europe, and he was there for my graduation at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, so it’d be an honor to return the gesture of support to be there with him. Read More

Exercise and Inner Peace.

A lot of people have fitness goals, and that’s great. But my approach to my own personal regimen is different. I’m not a competitive athlete and I don’t care how much I lift or what I look like. I have no goals when I exercise. I’m only in the moment. I feel that fitness isn’t a goal, it’s an action… it’s what you do. To me, coming from a Taoist standpoint, the act of exercise is, in itself, fitness. You’re not “trying to be healthy,” you’re simply engaging in health. Read More

How did I come up with the name for my practice?


The Purple Cloud Monastery in Wudang Mountains, China.

How did I get the name “Purple Cloud” for my acupuncture clinic’s name?

I named it after the Purple Cloud Monastery in China’s Wudang Mountains (above), the spiritual center for Taoism. It’s where many from all around the world go to meditate, practice Tai Chi [Chuan] and Wudang martial arts, practice Qigong (energy cultivation), learn more about Taoism, and most importantly, to find inner peace. Read More