Taoist Meditation Classes for October!

Several times per week people ask me if acupuncture can treat certain health conditions. Usually (but not always), people are inquiring about health conditions that are a result of a cascade of lifestyle decisions. Depending on the condition, my answer may be (and I steal this from my late-great mentor Dr. Alan Uretz): I can treat several conditions, but I can’t treat karma.**

56738997Just like any other health care professional (well, the good ones, at least), you’ve probably heard me say that although Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine can help tremendously for a vast array of health conditions, it’s not the be-all-end-all of medicine… because taking control of your lifestyle is. On a daily basis we’re face to face with hundreds of forks on the road, and our decisions are what dictates our medical future. For example, sometimes you’re faced with the decision of having either a Big Mac, a power green salad, or a candy bar. Or sometimes if someone cuts you off on the road, you can either let it go or freak the heck out and allow your blood pressure to skyrocket. We’re faced with these kind of decisions every single moment of our lives, and many times (especially in modern-day American society) we make horrible lifestyle decisions such as allowing ourselves to be angry or allowing ourselves to eat those chili fries… not just that one time, but several times a week. And the next thing you know, something starts to hurt. Maybe it’s knee pain from weight gain or muscle tightness from under-activity. Or maybe it’s stress and its resulting in insomnia or migraines.

So what I mean by “karma” is that it’s the result of your decisions. Meaning, although acupuncture can treat whatever it is that’s ailing you… acupuncture cannot prevent you from putting a Burger King Whopper in your mouth, or indulging in whatever unhealthy lifestyle decision that comes into your head. But it’s a tough, stressful world, and it’s easy to make decisions that lead us into chaos. So how can we condition our minds in order to be able to make better decisions in our lives?

You guessed it: meditation.

Meditation allows you to approach life in a much more balanced manner. To put it shortly (and I don’t want to keep boring you over here), meditation teaches your mind to reevaluate your relationship with your thoughts. And what are your cravings, your worries, and all your stresses? They’re simply just thoughts. Meditation thus teaches you to not be controlled by your thoughts and all of your anxieties so that you can continue making better lifestyle choices. But beware, just like any other life skill, it takes time and effort to learn!

I can bring your mind and body to feel peaceful and pain free with acupuncture, but I can also help you learn the mental/emotional skills that can help you keep it going for the rest of your days. In other words: “Give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach a person how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.”

Allow my meditation classes to help! They’re only $10 per person (pre-paid online at the time of scheduling), but space is limited to only 6 students per class.

Classes in October (only two this month due to time constraints!):

Thursday, October 6th at 7:30p (sorry for the short notice!): [CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE]

Wednesday, October 19th at 7:30p: [CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE]

For more information about the class: https://purplecloudcenter.com/classes/

**Respectfully, I know that “karma” is a lot more involved than this, I’m just taking the simplified road here!

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