How did I come up with the name for my practice?


The Purple Cloud Monastery in Wudang Mountains, China.

How did I get the name “Purple Cloud” for my acupuncture clinic’s name?

I named it after the Purple Cloud Temple in China’s Wudang Mountains (above), the spiritual center for Taoism. It’s where many from all around the world go to meditate, practice tai chi [chuan] and Wudang martial arts, practice qigong (energy cultivation), learn more about Taoism, and most importantly, to find inner peace.

To me, the Purple Cloud Temple symbolizes everything peaceful and harmonious… which I wanted my acupuncture practice to embody.

I originally wanted to name my practice “White Cloud” Center for Eastern Medicine, but the name was taken by a local martial arts school, and I wasn’t about to go fight the guy for the name. It would’ve been cool to have that name because the White Cloud Monastery is also a Taoist monastery, but in the middle of Beijing. So imagine a temple in the middle of the chaos within a big city, where you can find inner peace. That’s exactly what my office is.

But I love the Purple Cloud Temple just as much, and being a Taoist myself (and candidate Taoist priest), it suits the personality of my practice more. Also, purple is the color of healing, and that fits in fine as well.

So my acupuncture practice, Purple Cloud Center of Eastern Medicine, is a place for solace… to help those suffering from pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and more. It’s where you may go for compassion, and to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

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